Organic Lamb Box


Box will include -
  • Shoulder – Bone in/boneless
  • Leg – Bone in/ boneless
  • Lamb rack – 8 bones – 2 whole racks or 4 half racks or cutlets
  • Loin chops – 16 single loin chops or 8 Barnsley chops
  • Rolled Lamb flank x 2
  • Neck fillet x 2
  • Lamb Rump x 2 – whole or chump chops
  • Lamb Shank x 2
All of the lamb is 100% grass-fed and spends its life in the fields around the estate. By focusing on several different breeds the farmers are able match the seasonal growth of grass, having more growing lambs when grass is most plentiful. The main Suffolk flock produces lambs from May to July, and the rest of the year lambs come from a variety of breeds, including Shetland, Texel and Hampshire.

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